Jean Shifrin Photography specializes in newborns, babies and children. We all know that children grow up so quickly, and before you know it, your baby is all grown up. And sometimes photographs are the only thing connecting us to those memories. By documenting our families we have a precious gift – now and for future generations.

In my 30-year career as a photojournalist, I have captured many of those moments for people whose stories were told in major newspapers, whether it was a proud college graduate shedding a tear of joy or the challenges of grandparents who were raising their grandchildren. After 15 years traveling the world, covering a wide variety of assignments as a staff photographer at the Atlanta Constitution, I started my own business offering personalized documentation of children and their families.

The bottom line is, I love babies and children and I love taking pictures, so being able to photograph a newborn’s tiny fingers, or a baby’s precious smile ┬áis a wonderful gift. And I consider it a privilege to capture a toddlers lack of inhibitions or their unpredictable creativity, resulting in priceless moments that will help define their lives. And I truly believe that this is an investment you make not only for yourself, but for your family’s legacy.

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