Candid Moments

In Her Own World

There is something so magical about watching kids just ‘be’ – free from restraints or rules, they’re just themselves – in their own little worlds with no concern whether they look silly or have mismatched clothes. One of my favorite sessions is to just let toddlers and young children be themselves – no direction, no coaching, no ‘say cheese!’ Marlene was a dream to photograph. Not only is she (and her clothes) cute as can be, but she’s at an age where she freely uses expression and body language to convey a wide variety of moods in a matter of minutes. It’s these candid moments that give us the priceless memories and visual legacy that will be cherished for generations.


Cute girl reading, holding flowers, expressive moods. Candid moment of cute girl reading

blonde girl in pink sweater

2 Responses

  1. She could not be any cuter and she could not have a better photographer !

  2. Talk about some gorgeous peepers! Beautiful girl, beautiful shots!

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