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Fashion Model in the Making

Pretty in Pink Having photographed Dasha since she was a newborn, I knew her one-year session would be special. At each of the previous three photo sessions, her mom came prepared with adorable outfits and accessories. So when I saw what she had planned for the one-year shoot (actually 15 months by the time we […]

Cutie Patootie

  I recently visited friends in the D.C. area to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. I wasn’t sure if I would take any photographs, but when I saw how darn cute MaKayla was, I couldn’t resist.

For the Love of Books

  I was very fortunate to grow up in a home filled with books. Nearly every room had bookcases overflowing with books of all kinds – encyclopedias, poetry, biographies, novels – you name the subject, there was probably a book about it somewhere in our house. My mom instilled in my sisters and me a […]

Cowgirl Sabina

Regular readers of my blog know how crazy I am about my niece Sabina. And while I don’t see her nearly as often as I’d like, I try to photograph her whenever I do see her. Recently we visited a real working ranch in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas  – Flying W Ranch. Despite […]

Heartbreaker Update

This little guy is so cute I can hardly stand it! It’s almost certain he’ll be breaking hearts in Pre-K…

Day in the Life – A Legacy for Your Children

We all get caught up in the busyness and necessities of everyday life – but hidden within those easily forgettable routines are precious moments that define the beauty of life itself. And as parents, it’s easy to miss the little things your kids do every day that help shape and define who they are right […]

Spread the Love

As a small-business owner, I rely on word-of-mouth to grow my photography business. So to show my appreciation for your loyalty and your business, I have started a client referral program called Spread the Love. This is to reward those clients who spread the love to their family and friends. The program is very simple. […]

He’s Already a Heartbreaker!

I hope mom and dad are ready, because this little cutie pie is probably going to break some hearts!  

Doe-Eyed Beauty

Dasha just couldn’t be more precious. Not only does she have ginormous dark eyes and a peaches ‘n cream complexion,  it doesn’t hurt that she has such beautiful clothes and accessories to work with! Dasha has been a dream to photograph ever since her first session, when she peacefully slept through the whole thing.

A Must Read For All Moms

I recently came across a post that I want to share with you. It so eloquently explains my passion and philosophy about what I do. I’m passionate about many things, but one passion I share with my clients is the importance of having mom (and dad) in some of the photos with their babies and […]


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