The Value of Photography

I just read a wonderful article about the real value of photography and of capturing the moments that make up our lives. John H. White was recently honored with a Lucie Award, the equivalent of an Oscar for photographers. White was a long-time photojournalist at the Chicago Sun Times, until he and the entire photography staff were laid off this past spring.

White is known for capturing the subtle moments of life, and he did that with grace and dignity throughout his entire career. White understood the value and importance of capturing the quiet and fleeting moments that give meaning to our lives. What White and other photojournalists did and still do is what many today call ‘lifestyle photography’ – documenting the subtle, and not so subtle moments that happen every day.

The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is still true today – even more so in this age where everyone has a camera in their pocket or purse. We are inundated with a multitude of visual content every day, but sometimes one or two perfect moments says it all.

Read about John H. White’s career and contributions to photography.

Read Gail Mooney’s post about the Lucie Award.

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