Day in the Life / Year in the Life Packages

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Your daughter just shared her ice cream cone with the dog but your spouse was away on a business trip, missing again one of the spontaneous moments that happen every day that you can’t adequately convey with words.  Your son just hand-picked a bunch of flowers from the neighbors yard and delivered them to you with a mile-wide grin and you wish his grandparents, who live three states away, could have been there to see it. Now they can.

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Day-in-the-Life and Year-in-the-Life packages are a unique opportunity to create priceless and meaningful photographs of someone’s life. Throughout my career, visual storytelling has been my specialty and my photo documentaries have been published nationwide in newspapers and magazines.

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The Day-in-the–Life package includes up to 8 hours of photo documentation of you and/or your child’s life. It can be a special occasion or simply you going about your daily life while I capture the ordinary, and not so ordinary, moments that define it. Hidden within those everyday routines are precious moments that provide lifelong memories.

It may start with getting ready in the morning and include normal routines such as breakfast, bath time, and naptime. As the day unfolds, you might take a walk in the park, visit the barbershop, or read a story before bed. And as you and your child go about your daily life, I’ll photograph the laughs and tears, the triumphs and frustrations and the bonds between family and friends.

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The Year-in-the-Life package follows the same concept but is done over a one-year period, with four separate visits throughout the year. When your child is a toddler, they're carefree and uninhibited. They go about their life unaware of the camera, allowing prime opportunities to capture priceless moments. For adolescents and teens, the photos define an era and provide a visual documentation of a critical time in your child's life.

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Day in the Life album

Together, we’ll choose the best of those moments and your photos will be assembled in a custom-designed album that will be shared and enjoyed for generations.

All packages are customizable and include the creative fee, a print credit , the heirloom album and a CD of high-resolution digital images.

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