Frequently asked questions

Why should I have a consultation before the photo session?

The complimentary consultation allows me to learn about what kinds of images you’re looking for. Do you have a particular place you’re thinking about hanging a wall portrait? Do you want an album or a Day in the Life documentary? You can view sample albums as well as a variety of prints, frames or canvases. We can talk about clothing choices and who will be in the photograph. If schedules don’t allow for an in-person consultation, we can talk on the phone or by email.

How are you different from other baby and children photographers?

Each photo session is unique to you – I do not have a routine set of poses or a cookie-cutter approach. I have over 30 years of experience as a documentary and portrait photographer and I specialize in capturing the moments that define our lives. I love babies and children and I take documenting them very seriously. My goal is to provide exceptional customer service while producing images that will be cherished for generations – after all, you’re making an investment in your family’s history.

What should I bring to the photo session?

Please bring several choices of clothing, which we will have discussed at the consultation. I will bring a small selection of blankets and props, but feel free to include items you want in the photo. For older children, hats, galoshes or cowboy boots, along with fun clothing or outerwear gives us options. Also bring any diapers, bottles or food you may need. The photo shoot will be relaxed and fun and there will be plenty of opportunity to stop for feedings, diaper changes or just to take a break.

Do I have to order a minimum numbers of prints?

No, I do not require a minimum print order. You order only the prints you want. However, if you would like to purchase a single high-resolution digital file, there is a minimum order requirement.

Why does a a 4x6 print cost the same as a 5x7 print?

The amount of time and skill that goes into preparing a digital file is the same, whether the final output is a 4x6 print or a 20x24 canvas wall print. Every image is captured in RAW digital format, the highest quality digital file available – however it requires special software and training to process the file. Each print you order is custom processed by hand for optimum quality, which includes toning, color correction, cropping, conversion to B&W or sepia if requested, as well as any retouching. The file is prepared with specific paper and printer profiles for the professional lab that I use.

Can I just purchase the digital negatives and make my own prints?

High-resolution digital files are included with all Day in the Life and Year in the Life sessions. If you want the digital files for use on a social networking site like Facebook, or for emailing to friends and family, you can purchase web-resolution-only digital files. These files are optimized for use on the web but are not suitable for making prints.

High-resolution digital negatives, fully processed and suitable for making large prints, are available as a single file purchase with a minimum order, or you can purchase a complete session which includes 20 high-resolution digital files. Each individual file is custom processed by hand, which includes custom toning, meticulous retouching, converting to BW if desired, etc. This is an exacting and time consuming process that requires special software and training. All digital negatives are for personal use only and Jean Shifrin Photography retains the copyright for all images.

How do I order prints?

About a week or two after your photo session, you will come to the studio for a private projection viewing of your photos. I will help guide you through the process as you select your favorites. You will place your print order at that time. Small prints will be shipped. Large prints or albums will be delivered or arrangements made for pick-up at the studio.

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I offer custom-designed 10x10 leather albums and 4x6 or 5x7 matted albums. Samples are available for viewing in my studio. A detailed price list is available on request.