You are so gifted! The pictures are amazing. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I have these beautiful pictures of my children. Chloe’s personality totally shines through, and the pictures of Whit’s face are so sweet they just break my heart. Now, I just have to decide which ones to order – an impossible task!
– Caroline W.

Oh my god, I’ve been poring over them for two days. They are fantastic! I don’t know how I’ll decide which ones to order. Even my husband concedes they are 1000 times better than anything we could take. My favorite is the one of her in the pink dress looking off to the side, just looking the way she always looks. Thanks so much for capturing Celia so perfectly!
– Patti G.

Hey girls – I thought I would pass this one to you. Jean Shifrin is an amazing photojournalist. She does something called  “A Day in the Life” and “A Year in the Life” where she stays with you for a full day and captures life as it is happening. The pictures you get are the coolest you will ever have of your kids. Things as simple as getting ready for baseball practice, picking them up at carpool, fussing at the dinner table, etc.

I get NOTHING from this – just wanted to share.
– Cheri C.